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So you were in last week and there was an amazing edition of 'Jane Eyre' but you left your wallet at home, your card got declined, your dog ate your homework. Whatever your excuse is it's no problem, we can always hold books for our valued customers. Just click the link! Looking for a particular book? Amazon is too expensive and box-chain stores won't order it for you? Well look no further. As just one of the benefits of shopping with an independent, you will be able to order any book we can get. Even the obscure or embarrassing ones! Do you have a manuscript that you are sitting on waiting for your project to be realized? If your budding story is being held back by budget or direction, then we can help. Send us an email to set up a free consultation, and let's discuss your project! Interested in writing book reviews? To be featured on our newsletter and promotional material please reach out in an email. As a contributor you could even have your own 'Picks' labeled in the store! Part of the joy of reading is sharing your thoughts on what you've read; let us in on it!
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