Quality books sold and made in the west kootenays Whether it's new, used, rare or collectible, 'Coyote Indie Books' has a wide array of titles to suit your literary needs. We also are a local subsidy publisher: Coyote Indie Press.
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mark the occasion Coyote's location will be hosting readings, live music and other events. So be sure to check our social media for updates! If you are an author (aspiring or established) then message us to book an event.
used & unique prices As an independent bookstore trying to compete in the age of Amazon and Indigo we offer unique pricing and lots of eclectic used and collectible books. We hope to offer to you new titles at below retail prices, and used books with such high conditioning ratings that they are as good as new.
lattes & literature Our store is only a stone's throw away from 'Kocomo's Coffee House', so feel free to grab some coffee and peruse the store. Maybe even pick up one of our book related mugs!
niche books When it comes to certain niches Coyote keeps a steady amount of novelties. Whether it's leather-bound, vintage comics, graphic novels, manga or chapbooks we carry many different formats that you won't commonly find. explore
indie books In keeping with our namesake Coyote Indie Books stocks a number of independent titles that you won't find in a regular box chain bookstore. Independent Publishers have always been pioneers and boundary pushers, and as such we hope to bring their great books to the forefront. explore
mass market As the market demands we have a large collection of new and used mass market books to satiate our most avid readers. For all you lovers of series and genre fiction we will keep up our stock of inexpensive paperbacks. explore
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